ubuntu 22.04通过商店安装好JetBrains Rider后需要进行.net和mono环境的配置安装



安装mono https://www.mono-project.com/download/stable/

接着安装项目模板 打开以下链接选择

NameQuick Install
.NET Boxeddotnet new install "Boxed.Templates"
Auth0 Templatesdotnet new install "Auth0.Templates"
AWS Lambda .NET Core Templatesdotnet new install "Amazon.Lambda.Templates"
Avalonia UI Templates – Avalonia is a framework for creating cross platform UIdotnet new install "Avalonia.Templates"
Blazor – Full stack web development with C# and WebAssemblydotnet new install "Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Templates::3.0.0-*"
Cake.Frostingdotnet new install "Cake.Frosting.Template"
Carter – Carter is a library that allows Nancy-esque routing for use with ASP.Net Core.dotnet new install "CarterTemplate"
CleanBlazor – Minimal Blazor projects. Standard Blazor project templates minus any boilerplate assets (e.g. Bootstrap, Counter.razor, etc.)dotnet new install "FriscoVInc.DotNet.Templates.CleanBlazor"
cloudscribedotnet new install "cloudscribe.templates"
DotVVM – Open source MVVM framework for line of business web applicationsdotnet new install "DotVVM.Templates"
Eto.Formsdotnet new install "Eto.Forms.Templates"
GCC.Build – C/C++/CPP/VCXPROJ Build Template using GCC/G++/EMCC or your favorate compilerdotnet new install GCC.Build.Template
Geco – C# 6 Interpolated strings based Code Generatordotnet new install "iQuarc.Geco.CSharp"
GtkSharpdotnet new install "GtkSharp.Template.CSharp"
IdentityServer4.Templatesdotnet new install "identityserver4.templates"
Kentico Cloud Boilerplatedotnet new install "KenticoCloud.CloudBoilerplateNet"
MonoGame (.NET Core)dotnet new install "MonoGame.Templates.CSharp"
MSBuild extensiondotnet new install "MSBuildExtensionTemplate"
MvxScaffolding Templates – MvvmCross Xamarin native and Xamarin Forms templates.dotnet new install "MvxScaffolding.Templates"
NancyFX Templatenot on nuget.org
NSpec Templatesdotnet new install "dotnet-new-nspec"
NUnit 3 Test Project Templatedotnet new install "NUnit3.DotNetNew.Template"
Paulovich.Caju – .NET applications with Event Sourcing, Hexagonal or Clean Architectures stylesdotnet new install "Paulovich.Caju"
Paulovich.Manga – Clean Architecture for .NET Applications!dotnet new install "Paulovich.Manga"
Particular Templates – Templates targeting NServiceBus and other tools and libraries from Particular Softwaredotnet new install "ParticularTemplates"
Pioneer Console Boilerplate – Boilerplated .NET Core console application that includes dependency injection, logging and configuration.dotnet new install "Pioneer.Console.Boilerplate"
PowerShell Coredotnet new install "FiftyProtons.Templates.PSCore"
Prism Forms QuickStarts – Empty & QuickStart project Templates for Prism for Xamarin Forms. Requires dotnet cli 2.0 pre3+dotnet new install "Prism.Forms.QuickstartTemplates"
Raspberry Pi 3 – C# template for .NET Core 2 IoT applications.dotnet new install "RaspberryPi.Template"
ServiceStackdotnet new install "ServiceStack.Core.Templates"
SpecFlow.Templates.DotNet – A project template for creating executable specifications with SpecFlow. You can choose from different .NET frameworks and test frameworks.dotnet new install "SpecFlow.Templates.DotNet"
Template templates – Templates to create new project and item templates. Requires new3.dotnet new install "FiftyProtons.Templates.DotNetNew"
Zahasoft Templatesdotnet new install "Zahasoft.Skele"
ASP.NET Core Web API (extended)dotnet new install "Popov1024.HttpApi.Template.CSharp"
ASP.NET Core Web API for AKS – A template for creating a fully-featured, 12 Factor, ASP.NET Core Web API for AKSdotnet new install "RobBell.AksApi.Template"
HoNoSoFt.DotNet.Web.Spa.ProjectTemplates (VueJs + Picnic CSS)dotnet new install "HoNoSoFt.DotNet.Web.Spa.ProjectTemplates"
xUnit Test Template – Adds a xUnit test file to an existing test project.dotnet new install GatewayProgrammingSchool.xUnit.CSharp
RocketMod Plugin Templates RocketMod is a plugin framework for .NET based games. This template allows to quickly get started with a new RocketMod Plugin.dotnet new install "Rocket.Templates"
EISK Web Api – ASP.NET Core templates with simple use cases to build scalable web api with architectural best practices (DDD, Onion Architecture etc).dotnet new install "eisk.webapi"
OpenMod Plugin Templates – OpenMod is .NET plugin framework. These templates allow user to quickly get started with a new OpenMod Plugin.dotnet new install "OpenMod.Templates"


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